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Longevity was born out of fundamental belief that there can and should be balance in all things.  To ensure the Longevity and health of our forests practical standards should apply.  Logging practices should be sensible and not so extreme that consumers are limited in their choices and forced to pay higher prices.


Much of the world has jumped on the "green" bandwagon, especially recently.  Many companies have done this in a righteous way and many have shown great leadership and courage in driving change.  Unfortunately there have been many others that created there own green stamp of sorts and see the movement as simply a marketing opportunity.


The one thing that we know for sure is that builders and their customers should know what they're buying and should be empowered to make choices that work for them and their projects.  Longevity adds value to project teams by providing material options that meet design objectives and sourcing principles.


We are committed to changing the world by helping one customer at a time make choices that are right for them and their projects.  Most people only embark on building projects a couple of times in a lifetime.  Let Longevity help you climb the learning curve faster and ultimately help you achieve your vision for your project with the right products from the right sources.

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Longevity commits it's time and resources to support causes that are consistent with our vision of environmental responsibility and stewardship. Longevity commits 1% of it's top line sales to "The Conservation Fund". The fund is A+ rated by "Charity Watch", an independent third-party and commits 94% if its donations to the causes it supports.

Here is a summary of their work:

- Conservation Acquisition - Land, Water, and Wildlife Protection

- Conservation Leadership Network - Collaborative Solutions

- Freshwater Institute - Aquaculture and Water Quality

- Go Zero - Water and Climate

- Land Conservation Loans - Finance and Expertise

- Mitigation Solutions - Infrastructure Mitigation

- Resourceful Communities - People, Places, and Opportunities

- Strategic Conservation Planning - Green Infrastructure

- Working Forest Fund - Forest Planning



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Environmental responsibility is the cornerstone on which Longevity was born. Our philosophy is based on four pillars that are the basis on which we operate.

PLANET - we sell primarily reclaimed, salvaged, and certified green products. We believe that this level of commitment charges us with the responsibility to meet every design concept with a sustainably sourced product option. We love the challenge and take pride in doing the right thing for the planet.

PEOPLE - our partners in the architectural and design community, in the construction trades, and our end users share our goal to use less resources in our projects and ensure a healthy and comfortable living or working environment.

INNOVATION - we see our projects as living pieces of art. We take pride in providing the creative building blocks on which a project can be built. We realize that the real genius is collaborating with a project team. When you have an owner with a project vision, architect and design partners that develop the magic, and a construction team that brings the magic to life you can achieve incredible project results.

COMMUNITY - we partner with organizations in our local, national, and international communities to contribute in a small way to the well being of the planet.