We choose to be environmentally responsible. Our philosophy is based on four pillars that are the basis on which we operate.

We sell primarily reclaimed, salvaged, and certified green products. We believe that this level of commitment charges us with the responsibility to meet every design concept with a sustainably sourced product option. We love the challenge and take pride in doing the right thing for the planet.

Our partners in the architectural and design community, in the construction trades, and our end users share our goal to use less resources in our projects and ensure a healthy and comfortable living or working environment.

We see our projects as living pieces of art. We take pride in providing the creative building blocks on which a project can be built. We realize that the real genius is collaborating with a project team. When you have an owner with a project vision, architect and design partners that develop the magic, and a construction team that brings the magic to life you can achieve incredible project results.

We partner with organizations in our local, national, and international communities to contribute in a small way to the well being of the planet.